“Increasing awareness and access to agricultural credit in rural communities”
Period of Grant:

The effective date of this Grant Agreement is January 17, 2017 and the estimated completion date of the Grant Agreement is January 16, 2018.

Brief Statement of Purpose / Project Summary:

The grant will support a series of programmatic activities aimed at increasing awareness and access to agricultural credit in rural communities. The proposed activities will assist in building capacity at Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) interested in supporting the agriculture sector, while also establishing a better understanding and commitment at board and management level. The target beneficiaries of this project will be farmers, agribusiness owners, members of District Development Assemblies (DDAs) and Community Development Councils (CDCs), Departments of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (DAIL), and DFIs.

Program Goals and Objectives:

The objectives of the Program are twofold:

  • To raise awareness on financial services – specifically credit – amongst relevant government authorities, farmers, community leaders, DFIs and other stakeholders;
  • To enhance the capacity of DFIs on different aspects of agricultural lending.
Description of Program Activities/AMA Responsibilities:

Three main activities are planned under the grant:

  • AMA will hold a series of awareness workshops in eight selected provinces at which representatives of DFI’s will present and provide information on their financial service offerings (with a focus on agricultural credit) to farmers and representatives of the community.
  • AMA will design and disseminate a collection of promotional materials including informational brochures on agricultural credit, standing banners and using its existing media network to publish news, success stories and other relevant information on agricultural credit.
  • AMA will implement specific capacity building initiatives that will induce and support the entry of DFI’s into agricultural financing through structured training, field trips and an international study tour. This will help to equip providers of agriculture credit to address the needs and challenges they face in the areas where they operate.