Membership Criteria

1. Membership of the Association is open to any organization/project promoting or implementing development finance in Afghanistan, and is legally registered as applicable in Afghanistan.

2. Any organization/project that is:

a) directly promoting or implementing development finance,
b) is committed to the purpose of the Association, and
c) meets the membership criteria sat by the General Assembly, in its annual meetings.

May apply for AMA membership. Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria, the membership application may be approved, suspended or rejected by a resolution of the AMA Board of Directors.

3. On receipt of the consent and annual membership fee, the organization/project shall be enrolled as a member.

Procedure for obtaining membership:

1. An organization/project that meets the eligibility criteria, and which does not possess any disqualification, may apply through specified online format (click here) to the Executive Director of the Association.
2. The Executive Director of the Association will place the application before the Board of Directors at its very next meeting. The Board will discuss the matter at the same meeting, and take a decision. The Executive Director will inform the applicant, either by email or in person, of the decision of the Board within a week of the decision being taken.
3. On approval by the Board of Directors, and payment of the annual membership fee, the applicant organization/project will be enrolled as a member.