Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of the Afghanistan Microfinance Association (AMA), you will get the following benefits out of your membership:

  • Lobby & Advocacy:
    • Participate in awareness raising campaigns with top Government Officials and Community Leaders at national and regional levels.
    • Receive support and cooperation of the Government and Community Leaders to run your organization’s operations smoothly.
    • You can share your specific issues with AMA regarding lobby and advocacy needs, where AMA will try its best to include it in the agenda discussions and resolve it through its different forums.
  • Promotion & Publications:
    • Display your news, articles, organization profile, advertisement and much more with the semi-annual MicroMag (Microfinance Magazine) that is published soft and hard in English and local languages and reaches to microfinance practitioners at national and international levels as well as relevant Government departments.
    • Display your operational data in quarterly MicroView report and its online application and attract your board and shareholders satisfaction as well as new funding. Through this report, you will be able to compare your performance with your peers as well as make inform decisions.
    • The bi-monthly electronic newsletters (E-Newsletter), that reach over 1,000 contacts globally, would be a good tool to display your news and advertisements.
    • Your logo, profile, outreach, products, and other necessary information will be displayed in the Information Booklets and Brochures that AMA develop and print for different projects i.e. Agricultural Credit, Green Loans, Matchmaking Roundtables, etc.
    • Display your operational and financial data through globally recognized online portal (Microfinance Information eXchange – MIX Market) on quarterly and annual basis, and use the portal for comparing your organization with other microfinance providers in the region and beyond.
    • Use the facilities created by the Public Credit Registry (PCR) within the Central Bank of Afghanistan, upload your clients’ information, and make inquiries before disbursing loan to clients in order to avoid multiple lending and onward issues of loan collection.
    • Become a member of the Working Groups AMA establish time to time on different subjects and contribute to development of the stated subjects.
    • Under the members’ section of AMA website, your organizations logo and profile will be displayed and you can also use the website for your RFPs, News and Press Releases, and Job announcements through a well-designed job portal.
    • Before hiring an employee, you can use the facility of Staff Referral Database developed by AMA for blacklisting fraudulent employees who have worked within the sector, and avoid rehiring those. The facility is online at AMA website and only members can access the information.
    • Be part of the Researches/Studies AMA is conducting for the sector on different subjects and get benefit of the research documents.
    • Your organization can participate in the Client Success Stories Competition, organized annually, that create the chance for your successful clients to win the title (Successful Client of the Year). Your clients success stories will be also be published in the Clients Success Stories Booklet that AMA publishes every other year.
    • Your organization can win the title (Member of the Year) and other similar awards during the year by showing outstanding performance and contribution to the success of the sector.
    • Your organization will receive free advises of AMA professional team on development/designing of promotional material, annual reports, online portals, website, databases, etc.
  • Coordination & Networking:
    • Attend coordination meetings at national and regional levels to understand available opportunities and threats in the sector, talk about your challenges, and find out other organizations experiences and best practices.
    • Get the opportunities of finding linkages with the donors for fund raising, and other members of AMA for experience and best practices sharing.
    • Satisfy AMA general assembly members, get their votes, and become member of the Board of Directors of AMA and be involved in strategic decision-making and other aspects of AMA operations and activities.
  • Capacity Development:
    • Receive free/partial free annual scholarships of AMA and participate in International Conferences and Trainings, and learn from other countries experiences in microfinance.
    • Attend in-country and international exposure visits arranged by AMA for exchange of experiences and best practices.
    • Develop the capacity of your staff by participating in the in-country Trainings/Workshops conducted by AMA on different subjects related to microfinance.
    • Utilize the relationships of AMA with other networks in the region and beyond to arrange exposure visits and training for you, based on your need.
  • Other:
    • Do marketing and increase your clients through roundtables, and awareness raising workshops that AMA organize in different provinces through financial support of different donors.

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