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The Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) was set up in 2003 at the invitation of the Afghan government – to get donor coordination right from the start and avoid the counter-productive efforts that have emerged from conflicting donor objectives in other post-conflict situations. It was established as a vehicle through which the Afghan Government and international donors could channel technical assistance and funding to build Afghanistan’s microfinance sector. MISFA was the first facility of its kind, pooling diverse donor funding mechanisms and converting them into streamlined, flexible support to microfinance institutions in Afghanistan, tailored to local priorities and accompanied by technical assistance and strong performance monitoring.
In March 2006, MISFA registered as a limited liability non-profit company whose sole shareholder is the Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. MISFA Ltd is an independent apex organization with a number of implementing partners on the ground. In most cases, MISFA functions as either the exclusive or primary provider of funds to its partners.

Promote | WIE

The USAID Promote Project is a five-year program consisting of four separate Task Orders targeting the education, promotion, and training of a new generation of Afghan women aged between 18-30. With the goal of increasing women’s contribution to Afghanistan’s development, Promote strengthens women’ s rights groups, boosts female participation in the economy, increases the numbers of women in decision-making positions within the Afghan Government, and help women gain business and management skills.
The Task Order Promote: Women in the Economy (WIE) is a USAID-funded program that partners with educated Afghan women aged between 18-30 to help them find a new or better job, and with women-owned businesses or businesses that employ at least ten percent women to increase their revenues. Through a series of programs under the theme of Forward Together, WIE works with job seekers, businesses, financial and training institutions, and many other stakeholders throughout Afghanistan that share the same goals to help Afghan women make investments in their own success and enter the mainstream Afghan national economy.

Switch Asia is part of a wider SWITCH program portfolio funded by the European Commission in Asia. Led by GERES, Rural Movement Organization (RMO) and Afghanistan Microfinance Association (AMA) are committed to implement this project in 15 selected districts of Kabul City of Afghanistan. The project aims to contribute to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy’s main pillars, particularly on poverty reduction through a private-sector, market-led approach. The project seeks to tackle the lack of access to finance for green consumption, to strengthen the emerging Energy Saving Solutions (ESS) value chain and engage networks of stakeholders.

The goal of the European Commission’s SWITCH-Asia program is to promote economic prosperity and helps reduce poverty in Asia by encouraging a sustainable growth with low environmental impact from industries and consumers, in line with international environmental agreements and processes.