Training Program

“Microfinance Institution’s (MFI’s) Training Program”
Period of Grant

The effective date of this Grant is November 15, 2016 and the completion date is November 14, 2018.

Brief Statement of Purpose/Project Summary:

Increasing the number of women in senior positions in banking and microfinance, including commercial lending, is seen as a way to improve access to finance for women-owned businesses. WIE and AMA have been able to negotiate scholarship in Microfinance Training Program with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).

Program Goals and Objectives:

The main objective of this program is to enhance the technical and managerial skills of women candidates in their selected fields and increase their employment in the Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).

Description of Program Activities:

AMA will carry on the following activities during the project period:

1. Sensitization of MFIs:

1.1 Provide MFIs with information about the scholarship program and explain the process. This should be delivered in a half-day meeting attended by all MFIs and a representative of WIE, led and facilitated by AMA. Meeting minutes will be prepared and shared with all MFIs and WIE for confirmation.
1.2 Work with all MFIs to provide available opportunities for training (classroom and on-the-job) and collect the list of types of skills each MFI needs for future staffing. AMA will share this with WIE as soon as the list becomes available.

2. Coordination:

2.1 Prepare and submit a work plan on managing the coordination between MFIs and WIE for WIE review and approval.
2.2 Provide monthly reports to WIE on the current training program. The contents of the monthly report shall be agreed by AMA and WIE during the first month of AMA signing an agreement with WIE.
2.3 Coordinate with MFIs and WIE in case they need any clarification or questions regarding any aspect of the training program.

3. Implementation:

3.1 Obtain the outline of each MFI’s training program, including learning objectives, supervisor timeframe, work schedule for trainees, how to measure results and share with WIE through the ‘Training Program Form’ with a SOW for each trainee position for review and approval.
3.2 Provide support to MFIs in conducting outreach to identify potential scholarship recipients in four selected provinces.
3.3 After the MFIs interview candidates, provide the scholarship applications and resumes of those to WIE to confirm they meet criteria and for approval and communicate the final decision with MFIs. No trainee/scholarship recipient can be hired prior to WIE approval.
3.4 Ensure each MFI has/develops a standard orientation package to deliver orientations to the scholarship recipients upon placement.
3.5 For on-the-job scholarship recipients, share the probationary and end of terms evaluation results with WIE. AMA will also ensure participating MFIs provide graduation certificates upon end the training tenure to each trainee. Copies of certificates will be shared with WIE for the record.
3.6 For classroom training scholarship recipients, share copies of the scholarship recipients’ graduation certificates.
3.7 Collaborate with WIE finance team to collect and prepare the trainees’ information to process stipend payments.