Program Awareness on Access to Agriculture Credit in Nangarhar

AMA organized a program awareness on access to agriculture credit on September 13, 2017 in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province, where 65 participants including the DAIL representative of Nangarhar, farmers, CDC and DDA members and a member of AMA FMFB participated.

The acting Director of DAIL of Nangarhar province welcomed the participants, and said that this is a very useful and productive opportunity to raise the knowledge and awareness of the farmers on agricultural credit so that they could have access to financial resources. He also accentuated that the farmers can use the financial resources to increase their crop harvest which will eventually contribute the economic cycle and will enhance the GDP of our country whereas Afghanistan mostly depends on agriculture income.  Being sustainable as nowadays the donors are not interested to provide the grants any more.

He thanked USAID for its financial support to AMA in organizing such a useful workshops which is indeed very informative for the farmers to have access to credit. He urged the farmers to inform other farmers in their villages about the availability of the agriculture credit and distribute the agriculture credit information booklets they receive during the workshop.

MFIs in Nangarhar Province  had their presentation focuses on their agriculture product through a PowerPoint slide show to farmers and CDC/DDA members. A question and answer session were also considered after the MFIs presentation where the participants were asking the question for more clarification on the MFIs products, terms and conditions.

As an instant result of this workshop, the knowledge of 65 participants on access to agricultural credit was raised and linkages were created among MFIs and farmers for further access to finance purposes. Furthermore, the awareness workshop provided the opportunity of marketing for MFIs for their agricultural loan products.

For further awareness raising of the farmers, community elders, CDC and DDA members, 15 standing banners with key messages/information on access to Agriculture credit were showcased during the event. Moreover 1,095 Dari and Pashto copies of the Agriculture Credit Information Booklet were distributed among the participants, DAIL, PRRD of Nangarhar provinces.

The booklets will be showcased in the Customers Services Departments/Corners of the MFIs branches, and also DAIL and PRRD will showcase in a place where the visitors can read and get information about the agriculture credit opportunities. In addition to their awareness, they will transfer the information to their contacts.