FINCA Afghanistan Adopts Customer Experience Strategy

FINCA Afghanistan has begun implementing its Customer Experience Strategy that puts both its customers and employees at the center of the business.

ASAN Plan:
The ASAN Plan, which refers to “easy loan,” is intended for good customers, who have a good credit history with FINCA Afghanistan. This plan provides such customers the incentive of processing new loans very quickly, within 30 minutes. ASAN is being piloted in two branches in Kabul and will be expanded across FINCA Afghanistan branches.
This initiative is designed to serve multiple purposes, such as improving efficiency in the branches and reducing cost in both time and money for loyal customers.

Staff Loan Facility:
In line with the customer experience strategy, FINCA Afghanistan has also rolled out its Staff Loan Facility for its employees. FINCA Afghanistan hopes to enable them to meet both their immediate and long-term financial needs.